Standard Junk Removal Rates

In order to be as consistent and fair as possible we use 3 key factors when computing our standard junk removal rates. Rates = distance + weight + time.

Distance/ Mileage

Being in the country and between 2 cities, Harrisonburg and Winchester Virginia, there can be large differences in the miles we have to travel between jobs. Using mileage as a factor in our estimates allows us to compensate for fuel and wear and tear on vehicles per job. Our mileage rates our based on the equipment we use for junk removal.  All mileage is calculated one-way from Basye, VA 22810, to the job's location, to the landfill.

For a pickup truck only job the mileage rate is $1.60/ mile. 

Pickup and small trailer (8' open trailer; approximately 6 cubic yards) jobs are priced at $2.90/ mile. 

Pickup and large trailer (16' enclosed trailer; approximately 25 cubic yards) jobs are priced at $3.27/ mile. 

Weight/ Volume

As a business, your local landfills charge us a fee based on weight. When providing and estimate we guesstimate the weight of what you have to dispose of based on the description and/or pictures you provide us. We have set minimum charges based on the equipment we use. We select the equipment we use based on your descritpion of what is going and making as few trips as possible to the landfill. Our rates our $15 per 1/4 ton ($60 per ton). Minimums are as follows:

Time (Laborers/ Hours)

Our current labor rate is $30 per hour, per man. There is normally a 3.5 hour minimum charge for each job.  The majority of jobs we do can be done in our minimum time frame.

Please remember that just because we have left your house, the job is not over. Often times it takes over an hour to travel to the landfill, get weighed, offload your items, and get re-weighed. Jobs our not considered over until we have left the landfill or donation center we took your items to.

What's Not Included In Our Standard Rates?

Items that are not included and/ or cost extra are:

Why We Publish Our Rates

You may be asking why we have published our rates. Won't it give our competitiors an advantage in beating our prices?

BigBox stores (1-800 Got Junk, College Hunks Hauling Junk, etc.) often use high pressure sales tactics such as showing up on your doorstep trying to perform the work at the very instant they want to give you their price;  prior to providing you with a written estimate. They don't give you an opportunity to shop around and see a competitor's pricing.

We ALWAYS provide a written estimate via email. If you did not receive your estimate from us please check your email's spam folder. We won't schedule your job until you let us know you've accepted our estimate. This allows you an opportunity to get comparisons.

How You Can Help With A More Accurate Estimate

You can help us to provide you with a more accurate estimate in couple of ways. First, if you are able to, text or email us pictures of what you want removed. Take and send lots of pictures. Our text number is 540-860-0346.

You can also help us get a better understanding of the volume of what you have going using a pickup truck analogy. Imagine putting your items in a pickup truck. How many pickup truck beds (a normal 6 foot bed) will it take to get all of your items? This will give us a better idea on which equipment we should use for your job. 

Getting Your Job Scheduled In A Timely Manner

In order to get your job scheduled as quickly as possible please let us know via email or phone call that you accept our estimate. Sometimes, but not always, we can schedule you the same or next day. It all depends on our work load. 

We schedule on a first come/ first served basis. We cannot put you on our schedule until we have your acceptance of the estimate. No time frame is promissed/ reserved prior to our receiving your acceptance of the estimate.

Cancelling Service

If you need to cancel a scheduled service for any reason please give us at least 24 hours notice. Failure to notify with at least 24 hours notice may result in a late cancellation fee of $50.

Items We Do Not Take

We do not transport or dispose the following - hazardous material, biological waste of any type (human or animal), gasses, gas and/or oil products or bi-products, paints and stains (of any type), household chemicals and/or cleaners, industrial chemicals, any highly flammable liquids, pressurized containers, and pesticides.

Competitor Estimates

Looking for another estimate? Try any of the following junk removal services in our area (Please note, we do not recommend or endorse any of these businesses. This list was put here as a convenience for our customers.)

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