Abelia Services/ ShenValley Junk Removal – frequently asked questions

Are you local to the area?

Yes. We are located near Basye, Virginia (technically we are considered Mount Jackson, but we identify as from Basye). We are about midway between Harrisonburg, VA and Winchester, VA. We serve both locations, and everything nearby.

Is there any way to get a cheaper rate on junk removal?

Generally speaking, our price is our price. We do not negotiate rates. However, for some jobs that would normally require 2 workers, if you were to put the items for junk removal out to the curb, we can reduce our rate by 1 man ($105).

Are there things you do NOT take for junk removal?

Yes, we do not transport or dispose the following - hazardous material, biological waste of any type (human or animal), gasses, gas and/or oil products or bi-products, paints and stains (of any type), household chemicals and/or cleaners, industrial chemicals, any highly flammable liquids, pressurized containers, and pesticides.

What do you do with the items you take for junk removal?

In order to be as environmentally responsible as possible we sell, recycle, donate, and/ or dispose of the items we receive from you. Disposal at your local landfill is always the last option. Please note that, minus an express written agreement to the contrary, all items we accept for pick up become the property of Abelia Services and how the items are disposed of is done at our sole discretion. 

Why don't you pick up scrap metal for free?

We do not pick up scrap metal for free because 99% of the time it would cost more for us to pick up and take your scrap metal to the recycling center then we would make on it. With scrap metal, what we normally do is keep it on our property until we have accumulated enough for a full load for our 16' trailer, then we take it to be recycled.

There is always the possibility that you have the rare exception of having a load that would be profitable to pick up and recycle at no cost to you. Please feel free to contact us and we will let you know. Just be aware that, more-likely-than-not, we are going to give you an estimate for charging you to pick up and dispose of your scrap metal.

How much do you pay your workers?

Every one that works for us is an independent contractor. We currently pay anywhere from $20 to $25 per hour to our contractors. We guarantee people that work with us 4 hours per day minimum.

Why do you charge more than you pay for certain things?

The unadulterated truth is that we are in business to make money; not to break even. You simply cannot make a living if all you do is break even with expenses that are necessary to do a job.

How do you get on our schedule?

We do not put anyone on our schedule until you have accepted the estimate/ proposal we have given you for the job. You can respond to our email telling us you would like to proceed, or you can call us and let us know you want to proceed. You can also text us your desire to proceed. Only then will we put you on our schedule.

Please note that just because we have a date open and discuss it with you during our initial talks, does not mean that date will be open once you finally agree to our proposal/ estimate. We schedule on a first come/ first serve basis. We do not block off times for "ifs," "hope they go with us,'' or other "possibilities."

How do I cancel my scheduled services?

If, for any reason you do not want us to proceed with a scheduled services, give us a call and let us know ahead of time. Please give us at least 24 hours notice you would like to cancel services. You can also email us or text us at 540-860-0346 (if you text us to cancel please remember to include your name in the text).

What happens if I forget to cancel service?

If you forget to cancel service, or call to cancel while we are already in transit, we charge a $50 cancellation fee.

What's not included in our standard junk removal rates?

Items that are not included and/ or cost extra are:

Is there anything I can do to help you in providing an accurate estimate?

You can help us to provide you with a more accurate estimate in couple of ways. First, if you are able to, text or email us pictures of what you want removed. Take and send lots of pictures. Our text number is 540-860-0346.

You can also help us get a better understanding of the volume of what you have going using a pickup truck analogy. Imagine putting your items in a pickup truck. How many pickup truck beds (a normal 6 foot bed) will it take to get all of your items? This will give us a better idea on which equipment we should use for your job. 

Useful Links

Shenandoah County Landfill


349 Landfill Road

Edinburg, VA 22824

Rockingham County Landfill


813 Greendale Rd.

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Augusta County Landfill


749 Christians Creek Rd

Staunton, VA 24401

Loudoun County Landfill


21101 Evergreen Mills Road

Leesburg, VA 20175

Frederick County Landfill (Winchester)


280 Landfill Rd.

Winchester, VA 22602

Page County Landfill (Luray)


Battle Creek Landfill

219 Landfill Drive

Luray, VA 22835

Warren County Waste Transfer Station (Front Royal)


232 Shangri-La Road

Bentonville, Virginia 22610


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