Pricing: How Is Junk Removal Priced?

Abelia Services junk removal pricing—>

Our Simple Junk Hauling Fee Plan:

1 to 4-man crews are $25 per hour, per man (minimum hour requirements applied per crew size).

$60 per ton dump fee. 1/4 ton ($15) minimum. 

$1.30 per mile mileage fee (pick-up truck only). Estimated 1-way via Google Maps or Map Quest from zip code 22810, to your location, to the nearest landfill.2

$95 Truckload Special

This special supercedes our normal pricing. It is for a single load of a normal size pick-up truck. It may be piled as high as is safe. Maximum weight of 1/2 ton. Must be within a 30 mile radius of the Basye/ Mount Jackson area (22810). Includes 1 laborer. (A second laborer will be an additional $60).

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Abelia Services uses several factors when estimating a job. Weight, time, distance, and volume are all  considered when we price a job.

Weight: weight is important because it’s what local landfills use to charge us to dispose of your items. We try to minimize the impact on the environment by recycling as many items as we can, donating to charity, and sometimes even reselling items ourselves. Despite these efforts though, many items our customers want disposed are simply not salvageable. 

Prices vary by landfill but, are generally between $45-$69 per ton. We convey that charge @ $60 per ton to our customers – generally with a quarter or half ton minimum. When estimating we figure each standard pick up load to be 1/4 ton (4 pick up loads to the ton).

Time: excluding our $95 pick up load special and other 1x junk services, we have a 2 hour minimum for every job. You might think of it more favorably as –  we allow for up to 2 hours to complete the work on almost every job and then start charging per hour for every hour after that. Our rate is $40 per hour, per man. Things that may effect the time to complete a job are stairs, hilly drives, long walks, elevators, etc.

When determining time our clock starts when we reach the customer’s property that we will be working at. The clock does not stop until we have offloaded the customer’s items at the local landfill, charity, or wherever the final destination may be.

Distance: for jobs that do not fall within our 1x fee or $95 pick up special we charge $1.30 per mile (pick-up truck only). It’s a one-way fee that is calculated from the Basye/ Mount Jackson area (zip 22810) to your location, to the closest landfill. You can use Google Maps or Mapquest to get an idea of the fee we would charge for mileage.

Volume: typically, but not always,  we don’t use volume as a pricing factor. We do use it to figure which equipment to bring as well as aiding us in determining how long a job may take to complete.

How much we can carry at one time based on the equipment we use:

Our standard pick up truck can safely hold 47 cu.ft. to 108 cu.ft. (1.75 cu.yd. to 4 cu.yd.) or so. For purposes of definition our standard pick up load is one that is in-between our low and high capacity – around 81 cu.ft. (3 cu.yd). Safety is the key to determining how much we will load.

How high it can be loaded and still be transported safely – without items falling out or blowing out. If you have a bunch of small loose items or tubs, then the truck can only be loaded safely to about the height of the bed walls. With larger bulky items we can greatly exceed the bed wall height and safely load much more volume-wise.

abelia services pricing junk removal color picture of loaded truck at dump

Our 5’x8′ open trailer can normally safely carry up to 160 cu.ft (5.9 cu.yd.)

picture of truck with loaded small trailer junk removal job

Our 16′ enclosed trailer can carry up to 745 cu.ft (27 cu.yd.). Somewhere around 7-9 pick up loads (or, normally between 1-2 tons).

profile picture of abelia services truck and 16 foot trailer whole house clean out

Average Pricing of Our Competitiors:

Many junk removal companies charge solely by volume for their services. When seeking competitive bids for your job the first thing you should do is determine how much stuff you have.

There’s an Australian self storage web site that has a handy volume calculator right here. You can use it to help determine how much volume your stuff will take up on your junk removers’ vehicle.

From there you can visit the websites of your local junk removers who estimates by volume and figure out what their prices may be.

We’ve listed our volume capacities above to help you make a comparison to our competitors.

According to Home Advisor the average cost of junk removal by volume is:

Average volume pricing according to Home Advisor-

Truck Load

Volume (ft3)

Avg. Cost

Min Load

up to 60 ft.3


1/6th Load

60 to 80 ft.3


1/4th Load

80 to 120 ft.3


3/8th Load

120 to 180 ft.3


1/2th Load

180 to 240 ft.3


5/8th Load

240 to 300 ft.3


3/4th Load

300 to 360 ft.3


7/8th Load

360 to 420 ft.3


Full Load

420 to 480 ft.3


Here’s a pricing example from Junk In The Trunk.

pricing picture showing volume load competitor's truck junk removal pricing
Fraction of TruckApprox. Cubic YardsVisual Reference**Price
Minimum  $120.00
1/82.251 couch, 1 small file cabinet$134.00
1/631 couch, 1 stove$175.00

2 couches, 1 twin mattress

1/363 couches$318.00
3/86.753 couches, 1 stove, small file cabinet$348.00

4 couches, 1 stove

5/8115 couches, 1 stove$488.00
2/3126 couches$514.00

6 couches, 1 stove, 1 small file cabinet

5/6157 couches, 1 stove$571.00
7/815.57 couches, 1 stove, 1 twin mattress$578.00
Full Load189 couches$600.00