Pressure / Power Washing

Pressure power washing makes old and worn out things look new! Abelia Services serves the Shenandoah Valley's pressure washing needs from Winchester to Harrisonburg, Virginia.

We love to pressure power wash. Here’s what we wash using high pressure:

Decks – wooden decks and staircases of all sizes come out revitalized and refreshed after a proper high pressure power washing
Concrete drives and walks – come out looking crisp and fresh
color picture Scott pressure washing house siding
pressure washing comparison picture showing stone walk before and after
Fences – wooden, vinyl, or aluminum – high pressure power washing can perk up your fence.
Houses/ trailer homes/ vinyl & aluminum siding – high pressure power washing is great for removing dirt, moss, and mold.
Outdoor furniture – strip off the weathering quickly and easily.
pressure washing progression picture of wood floor
color picture of scott pressure washing deck with extension pole

Depending on what is being cleaned we normally use one of two methods: either high pressure or “soft washing.”
The pressure on all of our pressure and power washing equipment can be regulated. We are experienced at identifying areas where high pressure can be damaging and at setting the pressure at a non-harmful level.

progression picture of concrete patio being pressure washed

High pressure is not necessarily good for all applications. If you have painted wooden siding and/or window sills – they may not fair well under high pressure cleaning. 
Certain things like vinyl siding and roofs do better with low pressure or ‘soft washing.’ Soft washing uses low pressure and higher water volume plus chemicals to clean. Soft washing may be a better choice for old wood siding and sills that are already flaking or chipping too. 

How to Prepare

Abelia Services uses the homeowner’s water source. Please, make sure it is turned on prior to our arrival. Please have all objects removed from the area to be pressure washed before we arrive. 
Close and latch all windows.
We may treat the surface to be pressure/ power washed with either a non-toxic, environmentally friendly detergent that won’t harm plants or sodium hypochlorite. If items can’t be removed, or you are concerned about fragile foliage, we will happily cover items with plastic prior to beginning.
Pressure Washing Prices
Prices may vary based on size and difficulty of the area(s) to be pressure washed. As a general idea of what we may charge for decks, driveways, and walks, we charge a $100 minimum for the first 100 ft2 (10′ x 10′ area) and .20¢ – .25¢ per square foot thereafter. Rails are calculated at 7 ft2 for every linear foot. Lattice work is calculated as a full, flat surface.
Houses generally start at around $200 for up to 1,300 or so ft2 and may go up to $600 or $700 for very large homes.
Decks, walks, and roofs are priced separately.

Pressure washing is also a great way to prepare your house exterior for painting.

Estimates are free. Call us at 540-860-0606 to set up an estimate or, use our contact form
You can also text or email us pictures of your project. For simplicity, you can text your pictures to 540-860-0346. You can also email your pictures to If you would like an over-the-phone or email estimate please send those pictures with your measurements. Don’t forget to include your name, address, and phone number.

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