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Proudly offering limited junk removal and cleanout services in all of Loudoun County

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How we calculate what we charge you:

2 to 4-man crews are $20 per hour, per man (minimum hour requirements applied per crew size).

$60 per ton dump fee. 1/4 ton ($15) minimum. 

$1.30 per mile mileage fee. Estimated 1-way via Google Maps or Map Quest from zip code 22810, to your location, to the nearest landfill.

We are based out of Mount Jackson, Virginia. Because of our rural location and lower operating costs we can offer competitive bids for medium to large jobs in Loudoun County.

For smaller jobs (such as a single appliance or piece of furniture), due to our distance from Loudoun it may be more cost effective to choose a company closer to you. Things that we might charge $50 – $95 close-by, would need to be in the $150+ range for our Loudoun customer’s. If you’ve read our reviews on Google and decide your willing to pay more for quality service, please don’t hesitate to call and ask for a free estimate for your smaller jobs.

Call for a free junk removal estimate: 540-860-0606 or use our contact form.

Featuring These & More Junk Removal Services:

  • Estate cleanouts-

    Elderly relatives eventually are unable to care for themselves. They are moved to places that offer assisted living and all their belongings are left behind. We offer compassionate and professional property removal options for your elderly or deceased relatives.

  • Tenant removal, foreclosure, & eviction cleanouts-

Banks and landlords – have your tenants left a mess in your house? We can pick up and dispose of property and trash your tenants have left after abandoning their belongings or being legally evicted.

  • On-site furniture relocation-

    Need that couch placed over there? The king bed moved from the second floor to the basement? We can assist you in moving items inside your home.

  • Pallet removal and recycling-

     Business is booming. Your receiving more and more inventory. What do you do with all those pallets the shipments are brought in on? We can pick them up for you.

  • Light demolition

    We can tear down and dispose of unattached sheds, play sets, and similar items. We can also tackle some of your lighter projects such as gutting your bathroom or kitchen.

  • Garage cleanouts- 

    Can’t get your vehicles in the garage? Tired of all the clutter? Let our junk removal specialist help you to have a garage that’s the envy of your neighbors.W

  • Tire removal & recycling-

     – Got tires? We can help. Generally, passenger tires $1 each. Truck tires $5 each. Tractor tires $10 each. Prices subject to change based on location.

  • Appliance & Furniture removal and recycling-

     Freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters, A/C units (indoor, outdoor, window), and more. All appliances are recycled at local scrapyards. Please note: we do not disconnect appliances. Electrical and water lines should be disconnected before we arrive.

Got a new bed or sofa and need the old one removed before the new one gets there? We can pick up and dispose of your old furniture.

Please be aware: under most cases Abelia Services does not pay for scrap metal/ old appliances. Here’s why

  • Hot tub removal and recycling-

     We can remove and dispose of your hot tub. Generally, we disassemble hot tubs on site for removal. Recyclable pieces are separated. We charge a flat fee for most hot tub removals ranging from $250 – $400.

  • Trash removal-

    Do you have waste that exceeds what your regular trash collector will pick up? We can do a one-time trash pick up.

  • Attic cleanouts-

    Cobwebs and spiders have you freaked out? Attic so full you can’t turn around once you make it up. Abelia Services can solve your messy attic problem

  • Leaf and debris removal-

    Whether storms have come through and your yard is cluttered with debris, or it’s Fall and you need leaves picked up, we can help. We dispose of leaves based on our customers situation. For customers with city pick up we can collect and deposit leaves at the curb. For customers with woods, we can blow leaves into the woods (environmentally friendly method). For all others we can collect and bag (and remove if not accepted during normal pick up).

  • Donations pick up-

    Do you have items that you want to go to local charities? We can be hired to pick them up and drop them off.

  • Moving labor-

    Planning a move and need help loading your U-Haul or other rented truck? Abelia service can provide moving labor help.

  • Dumpsters-

    Have a project where you just need some extra muscle? We can help fill your on-site dumpster.

  • Whole House Cleanouts

    We can provide whole-house cleaning out services. Whether you’re selling, moving elderly parents, or just getting rid of all the clutter, cleaning a whole house can be a tiring and messy process. Let us make it easier on you.

  • Basement cleanouts

    There’s not much worse than a dirty, dark, moist basement. We understand if you’ve hesitated too long to tackle the task. Our team of dedicated junk removal specialist are ready to assist.

What we do with your property:

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In order to offer some of the lowest prices possible, and to reduce the impact on our local landfills, Abelia Services may:

  • Re-sell items that are salvageable or able to be restored.
  • Recycle any or all items.
  • Donate items to local charities or other organizations to help those less fortunate.

Consent is implied for donating, salvage, recycling, and re-sale when hiring Abelia Services unless expressly stated otherwise in writing by the customer.


Estimates are free. Depending on the jobs complexity and the customers wish, estimates may be performed on site, over the phone, and/or through email. We love having customer pictures of a job when an on site estimate is not possible. Texting or emailing us pictures of the job are a big help. 

For simplicity, you can text your cleanout and junk removal pictures to 540-860-0606. Or, send your pictures to customerpics@ 

Call for a free estimate 540-860-0606

What we cannot pick up:

Abelia Services cannot pick up or transport hazardous materials.  These items include, but are not limited to, gas, oil, paints and stains, household cleaning chemicals.

Things that may cost extra:

TV’s and Computer Monitors:  screen size 20 inches and less – $5. Screen size over 20 inches – $10. Screen size is measured diagonally.

Want to know what you should be paying? Check out Home Advisor for average junk removal and hauling rates.