Leaf Clean Up

Abelia Services is here to help you get those leaves up. Serving from Winchester to Harrisonburg, Virginia and all nearby localities for you leaf removal needs.

Do you just not have time to pick up leaves anymore? Looking for a leaf removal service? Look no further.

Whether it’s fall or you’ve waited until spring, leaf clean up is a time consuming task that is perfect for the professional to help you.

Starting at $50 per hour   (1.5 hour minimum). Town homes and apartments may be less.

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Tips for do-it-yoursefler’s

Staying ahead of falling leaves:

Landscaping pros recommend that you regularly clean up leaves in your yard, rather than waiting until spring arrives before dealing with the mess. The best way to do this is to pick up the leaves once at the end of October, once at Thanksgiving and once again at the beginning of the New Year. This should keep your lawn from getting overrun. For the average homeowner, the simplest way to keep leaves manageable is a steel rake and some sweat equity.

You can also hire local school kids or lean on a family member for help if you don’t wish to tackle the job yourself.

You can also rent a leaf blower to clean under trees and shrubs or behind fixtures like dog houses or sheds. Small vacuums can likewise be rented from home hardware centers at a fairly reasonable cost, but you’ll need to spend time transferring leaves from vacuum bags to garbage bags.

Many cities do have leaf recycling programs; these usually involve putting your leaves in clear or blue-colored bags at the end of your driveway on a particular day for pickup. Check your town or city’s website to see if your municipality participates in this kind of program.